Ha Ha Ha

wait.... what?

30 Sep

When taking pictures with your Best Friend.

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28 Sep

Coolness War part 3


From Chaicuppy:

Who needs brothers when I have my awesome teddy bear?

Bask in his coolness.



Oh yeah? Two words. Neon Raptor. 

Yeah, you thought dinosaurs were extinct didn’t ya? You know what else is extinct? The link to your gif.

Let me know when you’re ready for another battle. 

Ok, that’s pretty good…


But are you cool enough to throw your dinosaur a BIRTHDAY PARTY??

04 Jun

Coolness War (continued…)

From PineHead:

Crabby Patties huh? I shall counter with a gangsta hat and hood combination. And with a gangsta ninja tipping his hat in the background. 

How can you possibly compete without toolish brothers to provide you with the necessary gangsta components?

Chaicuppy: Hey now, I haven’t even retaliated yet for part 1!! Krabbie patties aren’t apart of our coolness war.

Just you wait, my will be even cooler.  >:|

02 Jun

Coolness War

From Pine-head: Let the Coolness War commence!!!



Expect an even cooler retaliation soon.

02 Jun

thuumwrestler said: OMG! I think I might know you!!!! Do you happen to be that girl over in the corner with a matching macbook pro? Do you happen to have on a green shirt? Do you happen to be the one who lives in the house I'm currently in?!

Omg creeper!!! Get out of my house or I will call the cops!!!